West U Fitness: Why We Matter

West U Fitness’ sole purpose is to lead U to become a better version of yourself…30 minutes at a time.

When West U Fitness opened in 2006, 30-minute training was unheard of. Today, more than 400 of your friends and neighbors are integrated within our various programs. Here are a few reasons why you’ll love becoming better at WUF:

West U Fitness Has Everything In-house

Why drive all around Houston just to stay healthy? Joining WUF, U can meet with a trainer, follow-up with your real food coach, circle back around for Pilates and Yoga classes, schedule regular deep tissue body work, workout any kinks with our body worker specialist, and finish off with some healthy cooking lessons with our in-house kitchen.

Our Clients Think You’ll Love It.

People love training at WUF. We know because they’ve said so:

“Never enough time to workout – Exactly why you need WUF. They specializes in 30-minute workouts so you maximize your workout while minimizing your time commitment.”

“Focused, efficient and incredibly effective. In thirty minutes I get a fantastic workout, and no two days are the same”

“Bad knees, bad wrist, bad lungs – WUFit can work through it all to help you improve yourself and get the most out an active life. They are special and without them there are many hills in life that would not have been attempted, much less climbed.”

“The process has been difficult. There were many times that the temptation to quit was so real. In the end, if it had been easy, the results wouldn’t have such a powerful impact on my life.”

“Today I can honestly say that I have never felt this good since I was in my twenties. Through healthier eating habits and the superb guidance, encouragement in my fitness training and Pilates sessions, I have lost weight and off my daily doses of Ibuprofen. I wake up every morning feeling energetic, ready to go and so thankful to experience each day pain free. I consider this transformation no less than a miracle.” 

Weekend Warriors & Business Travelers…We Have You Covered

“WUFit has provided me lots of helpful hints to keep me ‘on the wagon’ when I’m on the road.”

“I was skiing in Colorado and leg fatigue was not an issue. The best first ski day of the season I can recall.”

“My golf game has clearly benefited from my workouts. By having a stable platform, the predictability of where my club goes is much higher. Previously, my whole body was flying around, and my club would go lots of places as well.”

Becoming a Better You is About Discipline

Becoming better is not just an idea or a function of circumstance. It’s not the environment. It’s not your circumstances. It’s not the hand you’ve been dealt.

Becoming better is first and foremost a conscious choice and discipline.

We are not imprisoned by our circumstances, but we are freed by our choices and disciplines. 
Becoming better is genuine humility. It is a desire and ambition for the cause, the journey, a purpose greater than yourself. Becoming better has an utterly, strong will to make good on that ambition.